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Our expertise is diversity training! Our mission at Engaging Matters is to equip people and organizations to succeed and thrive in an inclusive environment. We offer impeccable services of the highest quality focused on our clients’ needs to flourish in an equitable world.

We empower our clients to create inclusive workplaces by providing them with the necessary tools and skills to remove barriers. We do this through keynote speeches, facilitating workplace conversations and coaching. Each of our services enable our clients to create equitable workplaces.

Our Team

Manju Varma, Ph.D.

Our Services

We provide premium services steeped in expertise and insight to clients focused on equity, diversity and inclusivity.

Conversation Workshops

At Engaging Matters, we replace training with conversations: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) conversation workshops to engage your team for change. Our conversation workshops range from an introduction to diversity and inclusion to more advanced skills development for creating inclusive workplaces. We offer products in 3, 6 and 9-hour segments.


Learn best practices for equitable workplaces though 1-hour keynotes given by International speaker, Dr. Manju Varma. With 20 years’ experience in public speaking, she is able share her expertise in a manner that is approachable, comprehensive and sometimes funny.

Capacity Building

Looking to create your own in-house Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) committee? Then you need Jill! Her work in organizational inclusion has won several national awards. Through her expert approach, workplaces receive guidance on best practices, terms of reference and a plan for a team that is tailor made for your company.

Continual Service and Support

Continual service and support from initial workshops and committee development. This service provides the opportunity to meet with us virtually for one hour a month. These meetings can be used to discuss your EDI needs, offer further conversation on previous services or clarification on specific topics.

Our Clients

Clients Testimonials

They create a safe environment for challenging conversations and adapt and pivot easily to take on the unique and specific queries of the group.

Dawn Arnold

Mayor, City of Moncton
Manju and Jill are wonderful facilitators. They have a compassionate, informed, and flexible approach to helping workshop attendees grapple with new and evolving concepts around DEI, in order to foster healthy dialogue and discussions around the subject. They’re open to feedback and new perspectives and they welcome participants’ input, making the sessions interactive, welcoming, and engaging.

United Way

Manju Varma and Jill Esson offered a very well organized, sensitive and extremely thought provoking training program on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to our management team at the City of Moncton. This was information we all need to hear and consider carefully, especially in these times. I continue to think and re-think about what I learned, months later, every day.

Senior Management

City of Moncton
Michele Morin
The engaging and inclusive delivery of topics that can be emotionally triggering captured the attention of participants and encouraged active participation. Jill and Manju succeeded in creating a safe space in which participants felt comfortable sharing personal experiences, examples, vulnerability, and reflections. This approach catalyzed genuine and insightful discussions.

Michele Morin

Law Society of NB
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